Why Your Company Needs Branded Deckchairs

Ever been to a festival, gig or artisan market and needed somewhere to sit? Places are usually limited but in the corner there is a nice array of colourful deckchairs set out for the artisan gin and cocktail stall, all branded with their logo.

You can’t not look, you can’t not want a freshly made cocktail on a summers day and to take a seat on their laid back seating arrangements!

Deckchairs create highly engaging experiences between your brand and your customers, they’ll even take selfies of themselves lounging in your deckchairs with your produce on display, they’re the perfect generator of free advertising.

After all, your image as a brand is everything in 2019. It’s the difference between a customer choosing your business or the one next door, usually regardless of price. If your brand oozes, on-trend Instagram approved quality then customers will usually pay more than go with your cheaper competitors who are much more duller than you.

Okay so maybe you’re not a company with many public facing events or outlets? Your internal branding and image is still vastly important. Setting out your office space and staff breakout areas with some super comfy branded deckchairs will put a smile on your employees faces, relieve stress and a comfortable working environment has been proven to increase staff retention.

So how do you get your hands on a custom printed and branded deck chair like this? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Promotional Tablecloths we don’t just do tablecloths, we do chairs too and our deckchairs are a best seller. So give us a call or check out our deckchairs online to get your order in the bag for your summer events!

Your customers are expecting it.

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