Why UK Made Promotional Products Are A Growing Trend

We’ve seen demand for UK produced promotional products, such as our tablecloths, soar in recent months. It’s one of the most common questions we’re asked by our customers – ‘Where are your products made?’. We believe this is down to three major shifts in consumer spending and needs.


Less Co2

It’s now become blatantly apparent from multiple scientific studies and the announcement from the UN that we only have 12 years to dramatically change our ways or face catastrophic climate change that will severely impact all of us.

This has sent a shockwave through the world and has begun to change the way in which we consume products.

Consumers are now more conscious than ever of the environmental impact that products have. This leads to considerations about where the product is made, it’s Co2 milage, the materials it’s made from, its longevity and the ability to recycle it after use.

At Promotional Tablecloths, we’ve already been working hard to make changes to reduce our impact on the environment:

  • We’ve made bags for life from our offcuts and given them away > read more here
  • We’ve introduced a recycled polyester to our fabric options (a polyester which is made entirely from waste plastic)
  • We’ve developed wipe down polythene tablecloths made from Cane Sugar
  • We also power our offices and factory with 100% renewable energy

On top of these our central UK location in Warrington means that we can supply the whole of the UK with very few miles travelled, we’re no more than 270 miles away from every major UK city. When comparing to overseas producers we can’t be beaten on Co2 miles or delivery costs.


Quality & Safe Materials

Quality has always been our passion, we’ve consistently refused to drop our quality below a standard that we believe is what is expected.

We have noticed a shift in the market which has been to reduce quality in favour of a lower price and whilst it has been difficult to complete at times, we don’t believe it is right or economical to deliver a product which won’t last. This is why we only use 180GSM fabrics and up with an overlocking finish, double pressed vinyl prints, heat sealed dye sublimation printing and never direct to fabric printing.

On top of our high internal standard, we have also been externally verified and audited by the ISO 9001, BPMA and Sedex. We’re also a Living Wage Employer too as we believe in paying fairly for a quality days work.

Our fabrics, inks, printers and vinyl are all supplied by reputable and established UK businesses which we have built great relationships with over the years ensuring that quality is consistent and all of our materials comply with UK and European safety standards.



It’s the subject that nobody wants to talk about anymore but realistically Brexit could have a huge impact on overseas and cross-border imports for promotional products due to trade and shipping agreements. This uncertainty has drawn many customers away from ordering overseas and instead they are seeking a trusted UK supplier that they can rely on no matter what happens.

Like many businesses we have had to make plans and preparations for Brexit so that we can operate smoothly and still deliver our products to customers no matter what happens.

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