Why the right Pantone Matters?

Every monitor and printer can show colours differently.  What can look right on one monitor can be wrong on someone else’s and there is nothing worse than getting your branded tablecloth order only to see that what you thought was a grey comes out as a murky green which is why we prefer matching your logo colour to a Pantone.  Pantone is a system that large format printers use for matching colours and keeping them looking the same no matter how you get it printed. In the current book we use there are almost 2000 colours to choose from so finding an exact match to what you need can be an adventure. We take the book and a pantone chart which is all the pantone colours printed on that material we will be putting onto your custom printed table cloth and we match the pantone colour you asked for.

Our customers are always satisfied and we can always run an early-day swatch so you can check the colours before we go ahead with the full order.  We Always  ask you to sign off a paper proof of your desired artwork and this travels through the company with your job and is kept for reference for any future orders.

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