The Makers Market

Working in accounts I do tend to shy away from sales.  My go to phrase before I started at The Print Company was always “I don’t do sales, let me find someone who can help”!!  After working here for 9 months I’m slowly changing my go to sentence. Yay me!

I had been told by our Sales team that the Makers Market was in Warrington town centre on 11th November, I had no plans for the afternoon and we had just had some new leaflets printed which needed to be distributed.  The leaflets are all about a special price for Makers Market stallholders to allow them to buy a custom printed tablecloth from us to brighten up their stall.  So, I decided to try out my newly found sales skills!

Walking up to the first stall clutching the leaflet was so daunting.  What if they said they weren’t interested? What if they didn’t want to know what was on the leaflet?  What if they weren’t nice??? I was so wrong. The Makers Market stall holders were amazing, so friendly, interested in what I was giving them.  Gave me an excellent opportunity to have a good old nosey on their stalls too. I bought two beautiful handmade bracelets from a lovely stall as Christmas presents, some Man polish for my hubby for Christmas, and of course cakes!

I shocked myself on a few occasions when stall holders wanted to ask a few questions on our printed tablecloths and I was able to answer them and not sound like I didn’t know my stuff!  Also managed to let them know a few other items which we could make – is that upselling???! Go me!

I’ve literally just picked up my knowledge from listening to our fabulous sales team doing their thing everyday.  Just goes to show that you can be in accounts and still have a little sales chat in you!

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