Tablecloths for The Makers Market

All set up with a spring in your step, printed tablecloth’s neatly placed on the table, custom printed deckchairs out ready for customer’s to sit and chat, branded bunting hanging from the frame and this happens…………rain, snow, ……. in short – the British weather !

Custom Branded Tablecloths
Perfect Logo Tablecloths for your stall

Aside of not being good for your hair, that first spot of rain when you are all set up at the Local Makers Market strikes as an awfully loud alarm bell!
Realising your canopy is not the best, as more and more drips fall onto your beautiful, brand new printed tablecloth, you start to wish the tablecloth was shower resistant!
You think back to when you first made your enquiry for a promotional tablecloth and remember how your advisor was asking lots of questions re the size and shape of your table, print position, indoor or outdoor event and instantly realise the printed wipedown tablecloth would certainly have been a better solution after all!
Q – You wonder if there is a discount for ordering another tablecloth, but a printed wipedown tablecloth this time?
When your first customer arrives with brolly in hand
A – give me a quick ring when they’ve gone – as there most certainly is!! 01925 631683

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