I’m Fraser.

Starting my apprenticeship here at the Print Company is my first job in the printing industry. Working here for around 6 months now, I am the newest member of the production team.

I can safely say that this is the friendliest place that I’ve ever had the privilege to work, showing me the ropes and being patient with my mistakes.

Working here has opened my eyes to how big and important the printing business is and how there are many different types of printing, such as: vinyl colour print, vinyl hot mark, dye sublimation etc. Also, the vast variety of fabrics that we use, such as: LD stock fabric, Bi-Stretch, spandex, hessian, wipe down vinyl etc.  I really enjoy printing your branded tablecloths and I don’t mind doing complicated branded bunting either but table flags require a little more attention!

I am looking forward to completing my apprenticeship here, even though I am nowhere near complete and I still have a lot to learn about the printing industry.

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