Artwork Specifications

We do it your way

We’ve put together a list of specifications your artwork will need to meet before printing – scroll down the page to see them.

What We Do

We are here to help you supply us with the best possible artwork to give the clearest and most effective representation of your brand on your finished article. Broad rule of thumb is to supply a fully vectored artwork. If you have been advised by our colleagues that a jpg will be suitable then it must be
a minimum 300dpi.

It’s always helpful if you can supply a small jpg of your vector so we can check we are receiving the right information.

The following specifications are designed for your benefit and allow us to create a faster turnaround from supply of artwork to print. As artwork can be created in a large variety of software, using large amount of formats, we will of course be willing to discuss options for any artwork that does not meet the criteria set out below.

We now stock hessian

All of our print is made up out of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK).

If you have any specific colour issues for your design please can you tell us and preferably supply a pantone reference that we can aim to match to. As colour is very subjective it is easier to match to a pantone reference or colour sample.

WE WORK ON PC (not MAC) please format your work for PC

YOUR ARTWORK SHOULD BE FULLY VECTORED unless you are using a 300dpi (minimum) jpg.

Adobe Photoshop (CS or below)
Adobe InDesign (CS or below)
Print Ready Adobe PDF
If you do not own or are unfamiliar with the software listed above then the following file formats are acceptable. These files can sometimes be saved from software that is not listed above by exporting or saving as. Ring us for details if unsure.

.ai files
.eps files
.jpg files
.pdf files
.tif files

All fonts used in a design should be included in a separate folder labelled fonts.
Fonts should be outlined (converted to paths). On rare occasions text can reflow and change position so a proof, either hard copy or digital, is recommended for us to check against.

Image resolution
The resolution (DPI or Dots Per Inch) for photo files or artwork should be set to the following:

300 dpi

Delivering artwork to us
If you have trouble saving files that are too big, please contact us and we can discuss any possible options to help you.

Please deliver using your YOUSENDIT or DROPBOX (or similar) accounts.

PLEASE SET YOUR ARTWORK TO ¼ size to send it

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